HerbalRevenue Privacy Policy

HerbalRevenue takes your privacy very seriously. We use discreet packaging when we ship your order. The details of your purchase will not be listed on your credit card bill.

Rules and Regulations
  • We may collect e-mail address from any e-mail to us.
  • All submitted information is held in strict confidence.
  • We do not sell your name, credit card information, address, or telephone number, or e-mail address to any third party.
  • We may e-mail you if your credit card declines or to confirm that your order has been sent.
  • We do not send you junk Snail mail.
  • We do not solicitate you by phone.
  • If you have any other Privacy issues please contact us by e-mail.

Legal Notice
The HerbalRevenue Extender is a medically tested and approved method of penile elongation. The research stated in these pages is true as reported in the documentation. When used as directed in the instruction literature the device is a safe and recommended method of penis enlargement.

The distributors of the HerbalRevenue Extender do not take any responsibility for any form of injury caused to individuals through misuse or application of this device.

Our claims of enlargement are based on research results and reported achievements by satisfied customers. The HerbalRevenue Extender will have different results for everyone who uses it, and follows the daily training routine. We do not guarantee 2.5 inch increases for everyone in 3 months even when the training program is followed as indicated, as every body will respond in a different way.

It is also accepted by the purchaser that he may not see increases equivalent to those described in the research material, instead his progress will be determined by his own bodies ability to build new tissue; this may be faster or slower than the test cases shown.