HerbalRevenue Payouts

Our website is designed to create long term wealth for our affiliates. All initial payouts are designed to be as high as possible to give you more ROI for your investment. On top of that, we designed our program so that every customer you send to us is yours for LIFE. Any orders the customer places on any of our websites, you will get credit for. We do the work cross selling, and you reap the benefits with no additional investment or work!

RoaringTiger.com Payouts

About Free Trials: You earn $25 when a customer places a credit card order for a $1.99 charge for a trial order of RoaringTiger product.
About RT Virility: Our top selling product – you earn 50% on every single purchase the customer makes for life!
About RT Patches: These testosterone increasing patches work for BOTH men and women! These all natural non-steroid patches increase the free flowing testosterone in the body. They work so well that we guarantee that if you get a testosterone test before and after use – you will see an increase in 90 days or your money back!
About RT Wipes: Customers re-order this product like crazy! They love how they simply apply the wipe to the penis 20-30 minutes before sex and they will get and stay rock hard.

FastSize.com Payouts

About Peyronie's Package: This package was designed for customers suffering from Peyronie’s Disease.
About Advanced Package: 90% of these customers complete the treatment program, and at one point purchase additional products.