HerbalRevenue FAQ

Here are some of the more common questions we receive on a regular basis from both new and established affiliates and webmasters. However if you find your question is not answered here, feel free to contact us at any time for additional help.

A: Our minimum payout is $50 for Check/Paypal/Epassporte and $500 for bank wires.
A: We currently offer the following payout options: Check, Paypal, Epassporte, and Bank Wire
A: We operate on a monthly pay cycle, and all payouts are processed the day after the period ends.
A: We now have several different ways to earn revenue with our program:
Fastsize.com – $100 payout on our basic package, $150 payout on our advanced package, and 40% commission on all customer rebuys and ancillary item orders.
FastsizeExtender.com – 50% recurring payout on all extender program orders, which roughly works out to $150 per customer. RoaringTiger.com – $25 Pay Per Sale on Free Trials OR 50% recurring on all sales.
A: We use a 30-day cookie + IP tracking module on our system. We give credit on hits and sales to the most recent visited affiliate link. Therefore, if one of your surfers has visited an old affiliate link before yours, you will still earn the sale. Many of our affiliates continue to get sales months after they have terminated a campaign, do the fact that many of our customers will shop around extensively before purchasing.
A: You may promote any of our programs via PPC and even send directly to our index page. You may not target long and short-tail keywords with our actual company names in them. We offer extensive campaign tracking in our system so that you can easily gauge effectiveness of your keywords.
A: If you are committed to working with us you are welcome to receive a sample of our products for promotional purposes.
A: This program is owned and operated by Fastsize, LLC in California, USA and we have been involved in the male enhancement industry for over 10 years now. All of our products are endorsed and prescribed by REAL physicians and urologists, and our focus is on making products that actually live up to their claims. (Something that SHOULD be important to any long-term affiliate)
A: If you promote our program with opt-in subscriber lists only you should be fine.
A: Our conversions based on free trials and payment programs are the top in the industry. If you promote male enhancement products of any kind and you haven’t tested our program recently, you’re losing money.
A: You may use our contact form or after you signup you will be able to choose your own personal affiliate rep that will assist you in anything related to our program.