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We are a medical device and nutraceutical company that has been running successful revenue sharing programs since 1999. By formulating our OWN products instead of mimicking others in the marketplace, we're able to enjoy great margins and pass those benefits on to our loyal webmasters, many of which have been active with us for several years. Featuring bulletproof tracking & comprehensive stats, a full medical advisory board of REAL doctors, live support, experienced affiliate reps, and cutting-edge product line, you have NO reason not to join us today and add to your profits!

Get paid for Free Trials

Because our products are developed by our OWN in-house physicians, we’re able to offer you excellent payouts on free trial products that can’t be found elsewhere. Earn $25-30 Pay Per Sale on pills free trials, and send your earnings per click through the roof!

Get paid on Recurring Products

We are the only company that can offer recurring payouts on a penis enlargement device, thanks to our brand new medical support program. The customer enters a 6 months program that they MUST complete, and you earn a minimum of $150 for each sale! We also offer high recurring payouts on our dietary supplement line.

Multiple Sites & Products

Being the preeminent company for male enhancement and sexual health products, you can count on us to offer high-converting sites that will ensure a good return on investment for every one of your visitors. Each one of our products features several different tours and landing pages, and we’ll even custom tailer landing pages for your site if it will help generate sales.

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Promotional Materials & Coupon Codes

Our promotional tools are the best in the industry. Not only that, but we offer periodic discount codes to customers. Your payouts remain the same even if they get 50% off of the product. Visit the Links & Promo page for more details.


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As customers belong to our affiliates for life, you will in turn earn on your
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